Finding An Epicor ERP Manager Job

Under the pressure of the pandemic, British businesses have needed to find more efficient ways to operate, analyse, and plan for the future. A corresponding rise in the demand for ERP software has seen candidates with experience in the major markets in high demand. But how do you find the Epicor ERP manager job that suits you?

Inside a Typical Epicor ERP Manager Job Description

Even the title can change. You might see this role listed as an Epicor system manager instead. However, the basic job description will be similar across either listing.

You will be required to show several years’ experience with the platform, possibly earned in other Epicor software jobs. It’s likely that any employer will also want you to be able to show reasonable familiarity with any other software that connects to their Epicor implementation.

Depending on the size and skills of the Epicor team, they may also expect that you have the experience needed to implement new API connections and even write custom code where no such implementation exists.

In addition you’ll have to demonstrate strong time management and the ability to correctly assess the priority levels of different demands on your time – key skills for any manager.

Other soft skills are also highly sought after – in particular, it’s important to be able to translate from jargon into ‘novice’ terms fluently.

Looking For the Job

Knowing you have a CV that will stack up against the job descriptions is only the first step. The second is finding a job that fits in the other ways you need.

Are you comfortable assuming a managerial role while working remotely?

How far are you willing to travel on a daily basis? Where’s a good place for an Epicor ERP manager to find work?

Just answering some of these questions can be tough without the kind of specifics you can only get through a thorough knowledge of your market.

If you’re not sure of any of the answers, there’s a great opportunity to get a better perspective on the market as a whole. Talk to us and put our knowledge of the market to good use. Our consultants will be happy to help you find the perfect job for you, workshop your presentation, and even advise on interview technique.

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