Is Epicor An ERP?

Is Epicor an ERP system? The question comes up surprisingly often, and with pretty good reason; Epicor offers alotof functionality. For some businesses it will come up in other contexts before they even hear the term ERP.

This can mean, when they realise the need for an ERP system, they’re surprised to hear Epicor mentioned in the conversation.

It can even lead to the system being dismissed out of hand.

What Makes Epicor Popular for ERP?

Epicor can be implemented either as a cloud-based SaaS or on-premises. This flexibility on its own makes Epicor an ERP that’s suitable for many businesses, but there are other reasons the products have become so popular.

The biggest one is probably the simplest to explain – Epicor isn’t really one product but a toolkit providing subtly different ERP experiences for different industries. These Business Management Platforms, as Epicor calls them, can be further customised as you’d expect from ERP systems.

This does mean, however, that Epicor is not a plug and play solution (not that you’ll find any successful ERP system that is). Implementation must be carefully planned out before it’s begun. When you do begin, you need specialists to carry out the process.

Ideally these specialists should have experience not only with Epicor but also with any other systems you may already be using which will need to be integrated or which will be replaced, but their data needs preserving.

Fortunately, this is the most difficult aspect – once your system is up and running and your staff are trained to use it, the main duties of Epicor specialists are administration, maintenance, and preparation if updates are needed. Permanent roles tend to be of a different sort to contract for this reason.

If you’re having difficulty sourcing the appropriate specialists for your needs, consider talking to us directly. Our Epicor consultants are familiar with almost every configuration of Epicor and through years of networking, hard work, and results, we’ve built up a library of pre-qualified candidates. Contact us to get the process started.

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