Epicor Jobs With Remote Working

In a post-pandemic world many office workers are questioning the need to remain in the office to work, and technical roles are often especially keen. As a result, Epicor jobs with remote working are often highly sought after.

Why Offer Epicor Jobs with Remote Working Options?

Remote or even hybrid working allows your employees and contractors a little more of the day to call their own, without having to reduce hours worked – simply because the commute is eliminated. It allows parents and pet owners in particular to care for their families directly (which can make the role more attractive on its own as it cuts out or reduces the cost of childcare).

For some people, it’s also easier to get things done in an environment they control rather than a relatively busy office. (For others, of course, the exact opposite can be true!)

These factors do mean that offering remote working or hybrid options can make your business much more attractive as a place to work without increasing the amount you’d have to pay out.

Other Costs

You will still need to ensure that any security precautions around your work network and software are still observed; for permanent candidates you may also want to allow for the purchase of a computer and other peripherals for them to work on but which you will own.

Of course, if they were working in the office, budgeting for a computer would be automatic in any case.

Epicor jobs with remote working will take high levels of dedication from the candidates involved. Fortunately this can be tested to some extent by their qualifications and experience to date. If they’re a contractor, in particular, they’ve probably held multiple remote working positions already. That should give you some idea.

The most important thing in selecting an Epicor candidate, of course, is their experience and abilities. Don’t look just at what they know for Epicor, but take into account their experience with other systems you use.

Our team will be happy to listen to your requirements and build up a shortlist of pre-qualified candidates. Get the ball rolling by contacting us today.

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