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Over the past year we’ve seen the Epicor scene in the UK really take off. People with the skills and experience are much sought after by businesses looking to implement, upgrade, or simply operate their Epicor solution, but the competition is strong. So if you’re looking for Epicor jobs today, what do you need to know?

The Best Place to Find Epicor Jobs Today

The first thing to remember is that businesses implementing Epicor usually don’t have much prior experience with EPR software. They may not be fully aware of the challenges ahead, but even if they are, they won’t be dialled into the network of existing Epicor specialists out there.

Immediately that cuts out one of the most common methods a company can use to find new candidates for a role; the networking isn’t there to simply go off internal recommendations. Epicor skills don’t tend to come from short, cheap training courses, which cuts off another route to meet new candidates.

Epicor jobs are often advertised on the company’s own website. This won’t always make them easier for you to find, when you’re looking for an Epicor role – unless you happen to hear ahead of time that a company is adopting Epicor and can anticipate it.

These facts mean that the role of a specialist recruiter is particularly important when looking for Epicor jobs today. In fact, it’s usually better to get in touch with a recruiter, talk through your CV and your career goals with them, and let them do the looking.

Specialist recruiters have to adopt different strategies to the famous job boards. There aren’t enough potential candidates to just throw CVs at the employer. Instead, we thrive on building trust – with our clients and our candidates.

Our Epicor clients trust that we’ll deliver a candidate who perfectly fits the job spec. Our candidates trust that we’ll only put them up for roles they’re likely to get and would be happy to get.

To get started, contact us today.

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