What You Should Look For In An Epicor System Manager?

You’ve done your research on ERP systems and you’ve confirmed that Epicor is the solution for you. Perhaps you’re planning a new implementation now, or you’ve already been using Epicor to its fullest for some time, and it’s just a question of continuing that success. Either way, you find yourself in need of an Epicor system manager.

What do you need to know?

What Should You Look for in an Epicor System Manager?

A system manager is usually a permanent position within a company. They take responsibility for the system, filling a role like a system administrator; they’ll be watching for glitches, maintenance issues, and helping to solve user error.

Most Epicor system managers won’t be too involved with training your staff to use the system but they’ll be expected to handle and support user requests as they come in.

It’s not uncommon for a system manager to be the only dedicated Epicor staff member after implementation is complete. We recommend, though, bringing your first system manager on before implementation is complete – that way their input can become part of the setup process.

This allows for the kind of easy transition from go-live to business as usual that businesses can usually only dream of.

With this broad field of responsibility, your candidates should be able to demonstrate excellent technical know-how as well as strong interpersonal skills. It takes a specific kind of candidate to blend functional and technical roles like this – but selecting a candidate who falls down on either category will just lead to more trouble going forwards.

Compiling Your Shortlist

Ideally, you’ll never be in the position of having to interview and hire from a shortlist of one. However, going through the traditional job boards isn’t a great way to bring in potential candidates as their CVs will be swamped by those of unqualified, inexperienced hopefuls – at a much worse ratio than you’d expect from jobs requiring familiarity with more common systems.

Epicor system managers are a rare breed, and many of them won’t be looking at the job boards in the first place – which is a mutually reinforcing cycle that makes them progressively less useful to employers like you trying to find the right candidate!

As a result, knowing the job market becomes more important every day. It’s just hard to keep up when you can’t dedicate yourself to it.

That’s where we can come in. Our recruitment consultants spend their days diving deep into their specialist markets. We know the majority of candidates, and we’re always connecting to more.

Whatever your start date, we’ll be able to find you a shortlist of candidates who we’ve pre-qualified according to your job description.

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