The Role Of An ERP Business Analyst

Typically you’ll want to hire your business analyst before the project really gets going. You may or may not have identified the ERP system you want to use, but if not, your analyst will be able to help you make that decision. A large part of their role involves identifying what the business needs – very helpful when weighing up the pros and cons of each platform.

Your analyst should also function as liaison between project stakeholders. Again, the larger the business, the bigger the job this will be – and the more important it is to nail it, as the fallout can be much larger if this fails. (The same is true for project managers – who will often work hand in hand with your ERP business analyst.)

As a liaison, your business analyst will work to advise stakeholders and attempt to build consensus. They’re often the first specialist to come onboard for an ERP project and will often not complete their duties until the project is otherwise over.

However, they will not carry out the work of implementation itself; their goal is to provide a framework in which the team of developers and consultants can do what’s necessary.

In many ways, the role of your ERP business analyst is to help put a plan in place to ensure the smoothest and most cost-effective implementation that will fulfil your business needs. Their presence can cut costs for the project and increase the benefits and results from the project – a very valuable combination.

ERP Analyst

An ERP analyst is responsible for managing and customising enterprise resource planning systems to meet the specific needs of an organisation. They play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of ERP software, troubleshooting issues, and implementing new features as required.

ERP analysts work closely with various departments within a company to understand their requirements and optimise the ERP system accordingly. Their expertise in ERP systems helps streamline business processes and improve efficiency across the organisation.

ERP Analyst Jobs

ERP Analyst jobs are highly sought after in today's competitive job market. These roles require individuals to have expertise in enterprise resource planning systems and strong analytical skills.

As an ERP Analyst, you will be responsible for implementing, configuring, and maintaining ERP systems for businesses. ERP Analyst jobs offer competitive salaries and opportunities for career growth within the field of information technology.

Hiring a Business Analyst

The skillsets needed by business analysts – especially the most effective ones – are rare and valuable. This can make for frustrating times trying to locate one via job postings and generalist recruitment agencies.

As a specialist recruitment agency, IT Works has extensive experience in placing the right candidate in the right role at the right time. We’ll listen to your requirements and help you lay out the perfect job spec. We’ll then use that document to match against our deep database of ERP professionals, and if we can’t find the perfect candidate – well, we have a broad network and plenty of tools to help match them into place.

When you need to hire a business analyst, give some thought to coming to IT Works right from the beginning. You can contact us here.

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