Recruiting An ERP Engineer

It’s long been the case in the tech industry and in tech adjacent jobs that job titles vary from organisation to organisation, even when the job duties are usually the same. If you’ve been told you need an ERP engineer, you may actually need to recruit an ERP developer, but you’ll also see the title used for other implementation roles.

What Makes an ERP Engineer Stand Out?

ERP engineers occupy a very specific space in the infrastructure landscape. Especially when the job spec isn’t identical to that of developer, they may be the rarest type of specialist, and are certainly the rarest technical specialist.

If you’re looking for someone to fill an engineer role your primary focus must be their technical skills, not just for your ERP system of choice but also any other software used in conjunction, including systems that must be integrated.

In contract roles their ‘soft skills’ are less important – your project manager should be able to translate jargon back into easy-to-follow English if needed – but you will still want to select by cultural fit as they will be working on your implementation (or migration) for some time, and if your project manager is likely to be busy, you should consider how easy it might be to understand project updates.

Permanent engineer roles tend to require better soft skills. These engineers spend a significant amount of their time troubleshooting according to user tickets. Being able to translate back and forth between specialist understanding and lay awareness is vital.

Hiring Your Engineer

If an ERP engineer is needed for your upcoming project you should be able to create a pretty accurate job spec in terms of what skills and experience are needed. If you can’t do so directly on your own, however, we’re happy to sit down with you and help. With years of experience in ERP recruitment, we can help you pin down what you need and even suggest some things you may have missed.

We’ll then match that against our network of contacts, looking for anyone who’s likely to be available who suits or beats your requirements. You’ll be interviewing pre-qualified candidates before you know it. Get in touch today and we’ll get you started.

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