The Role Of An ERP Functional Consultant

So you’re planning to add an ERP to your business tools, and you need some advice on the best way to go about this. Perhaps you haven’t even chosen which solution to use yet. The best option for advice is a project manager or an ERP functional consultant.

What Makes an ERP Functional Consultant Stand Out?

There are other forms of consultant in the ERP sphere, but they tend to be closer to a technical consultant in style.

A functional consultant, instead, is more about strategy. Their name comes from the fact they’re concerned with how the system will function – with what you need it to do.

In any ERP implementation/migration/upgrade process, the functional consultant will be one of the first specialists to start working. They’re also likely to be the first to finish, as their role is primarily planning.

Your consultant will have a lot of questions for you; these are all vital if they’re to give you a plan that actually suits your requirements.

Expert Advice

There are a number of different ERP solutions out there; each of them was built initially with a certain kind of business in mind, and then gradually developed out from there. This means they have different assumptions right at the fundamental level.

Add in different partner programs with other software and which system you pick can deeply affect how the implementation will be handled and how easy it will be to use the system going forward.

A functional consultant will make sure you know which solution is most appropriate to your business’ operational processes and goals. They’ll take you through the steps that must be taken in order to implement their recommendations. Then, unless they’re a hybrid consultant, their role will be done; they’ll pass over to a project manager or ERP developer.

You may find an ERP functional consultant benefits from working with an ERP business analyst. Their combined insight can refine plans more effectively, allowing greater success right from the off.

Final Thoughts

Implementing an ERP can be a daunting prospect, but remember – if it’s done properly right from the start, the benefits are huge. It’s well worth the time to get expert insight before you put any plans into action.

If you’re looking to source a functional consultant, reach out to our team of specialist recruiters. We’ll make sure the role is filled by the right candidate for your business.

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