The Role Of An ERP Manager

Depending on the size of the task, your ERP manager may handle all the necessary duties on their own or work with a team of specialists. They have usually had previous roles as analysts or consultants, though they may have been developers or even architects.

Managers in this field have usually risen through the ranks; running an ERP operations team requires a certain level of experience of the field. Leading the team meeting, a manager will have to balance their team’s skills against the current jobs list, assigning the best option against each.

Most also act as subject matter experts in support of their team – so it’s vital they have experience with your chosen ERP. In businesses where the manager works alone or as part of only a small team, they may be directly responsible for troubleshooting for most users.

Other aspects of the role will vary according to the specific ERP solution being used. For example, IFS is now transitioning to a cloud-based system, with earlier Apps being entirely based on the site themselves. NetSuite has used cloud-based solutions for years; this has led to the two systems handling the same challenges in very different ways.

Finding an ERP Manager

Only a small subsection of skilled ERP specialists will become an ERP manager.

For many, the extra skills necessary to manage a team are less attractive than the alternatives (including a shift to contract work, which is attractive to many as it allows a variety of different projects as well as control over your own working path).

The number of managers is growing – but the number of new ERP implementations is growing faster. Finding the right manager for you in this small market can be difficult.

Our recruitment consultants have an unmatched database of ERP professionals, and with a proven track record, we’ve worked hard to earn their trust. Working alongside you to understand your requirements, we can match candidates by skillset and company fit.

We want our clients to have confidence that their placements will deliver results while blending into your existing company culture. To start the process rolling, get in touch.

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