Understanding HRIS Career Moves

Within the competitive world of HRIS, there are many different directions in which your career can be taken. Some candidates will even accept jobs not for immediate support but to better position themselves for the future – because HRIS career moves can be best supported by having the right history on your CV.

These job titles form an unspoken but clear hierarchy of possible career paths – but what do you need to know?

HRIS Career Roles by Title

HRIS Analyst

Occasionally divided into business analysts and system analysts, this role is all about the data that can be drawn from the system. What conclusions can be drawn? What recommendations are there to improve your performance going forwards?

Analysts often develop into senior analysts, administrators, or managers.

HRIS Consultant

Consultant, like specialist, is a catch-all term in these fields. However, these roles broadly describe one of two types of HRIS expert. In smaller companies, a consultant might do a little bit of all HRIS roles. In larger companies, they’ll usually be a highly specialised contractor, providing the support from another role in a short-term deployment.

Lastly, you’ll sometimes hear about HRIS implementation consultants, who spend their time working purely on implementation. These candidates often become project managers in due time.

HRIS Coordinator

A coordinator is only found in larger businesses with extensive HRIS needs as these are the only situations where one is required. They act as liaison between the HRIS team and the company, and occasionally within the HRIS team itself, ensuring the project continues to support the company’s set goals.

HRIS Manager

An HRIS manager will oversee the HRIS team and take responsibility for the system as a whole. Usually this will be a former consultant with a wide breadth of topic knowledge, perfect as a foundation for this kind of work.

HRIS Administrator

Sometimes this job title is equivalent in responsibilities to another business’ HRIS manager. It can also indicate someone who collates records and ensures data goes where it should, while feeding back on the process.

There are many different paths an HRIS career can take, depending on your skillset and your particular passions. Keep an eye out for job openings that will advance you along your own – experience is key in this field!

Don’t be nervous to discuss your goals with your recruitment consultant. We understand that any given placement is just a part of your career, not the whole thing. We know you’ll have many factors influencing you in any given opportunity.

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