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Whatever your experience level with IFS systems, if you’re looking for a new role you need to be able to find IFS job vacancies. What’s the secret?

Looking for IFS Job Vacancies

It’s important to know what roles you’ll qualify for – and what roles you’re overqualified for. If you’ve got an IFS manager role on your CV, for example, it’s a rare company that will take you on for a relatively junior role in a project.

(Of course, there are exceptions to this – if you have other skills that are absolutely key, and rare, you’ll be in a good position!)

Most IFS job vacancies are for implementation projects, which will almost always be for the most modern IFS Apps. However, knowledge of older Apps becomes more valuable over time – at least until the last systems on that version have updated!

This is especially true for IFS developers, as developers tend to update their skills and neglect older editions. The more recently you’ve worked on old Apps, the better for this kind of role.

IFS consultants are the most varied, because the role of an IFS consultant is the most varied. They might be used to running entire implementations solo or have experience only in a specific module.

What ties all these roles together is the difficulty in finding the job listings when you need them.

By far the most efficient way to find a vacancy listed is to let other people do it for you. Specialist recruiters are known for knowledge of their markets; a network is essential. They hear about openings before they’re officially listed, and while they’ll seek out new candidates, the first step is to check in with qualified candidates in their own network.

If you’re part of that network and they know your strengths and experiences, you’re going to be one of the candidates they put forward for appropriate roles.

Our IFS team would be happy to take your call.

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