Is iTrent Easy To Use?

No company starts off with an HRIS solution in place without exceptional circumstances being involved. It’s simply not necessary for a small business to have that level of support in that area. When growth means that an HRIS is or soon will be necessary and a decision must be taken, one of the big questions is convenience. So, is iTrent easy to use?

Making iTrent Easy to Use

Software which may have to support companies in a wide range of industries must be complex, but that doesn’t automatically mean hard to use. It’s just that (say) a food haulage and logistics company will use their systems in completely different ways. Software like iTrent has to support both approaches, as well as a whole lot more.

In the early days of business support software the solution was to design the software for one specific niche; clients from the niche were well supported, but others had to just use it as best they could. The modern alternative is to provide extensive customisation solutions.

This means that once it’s up and running anyone should find iTrent relatively easy to use, plus they should have the most appropriate information prominently displayed on their dashboards.

Before you can reach this stage, of course, the software needs to be configured. While iTrent is easy to use once up and running, configuration can be a challenge all its own. In fact, it needs specialist work carried out by someone with specialist training or extensive experience.

This is obviously much more complex, and it should be taken into account when answering the question. iTrent is easy to use – once it’s properly set up and the team using it have been taught how to make it part of their workflow. But that needs to be done first in order to get best results.

You may need an iTrent system administrator to join your team to get everything off to the right start. Finding one with experience in your industry is ideal, especially if they have familiarity with other software you use. Contact us to discuss your needs and get us working on the ideal shortlist of candidates for you

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