Choosing Your MHR Recruitment Agency

Perhaps the UK’s leading HRIS solution isiTrent. With more and more British businesses adopting the MHR product, demand is rising for experienced staff and contractors to handle implementations and administrate the system. The search for a reliable MHR recruitment agency has never been more important.

Choosing Your MHR Recruitment Agency

Once a business grows beyond a certain size, spreadsheets and Google Calendars are no longer enough. Every business will have been using some none-automated solution for HR and payroll, and most won’t decide to move to a fully functional HRIS until these earlier systems are straining or even breaking under the pressure.

There are obvious pitfalls to this approach. An HRIS is an expensive product and it’s difficult to justify one from the very early days of the business. There will always be a need to switch over to one from existing solutions. This will always need to be done while the business continues to operate.

The system must also be implemented in a way which fits into your business’ workflow.

Putting all this in the hands of a stranger is nervewracking to say the least. Whoever you hire, you need to have absolute confidence in them.

And unless you’ve had experience in implementing HRIS systems elsewhere, you aren’t likely to know what you need to look for.

A good MHR recruitment agency will be able to solve that problem for you. They’ll go over your job role with you, confirming everything that’s needed and marking out the nice-to-haves as just that. From their understanding of the state of the market they’ll be able to confirm whether the job role you have in mind fits within your budget.

And they’ll work with you to ensure the candidates they provide you with can do what you need them to do. Repeat custom comes from clients who know they had the right candidate placed in the right role for the right price.

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