The Future Of Remote HRIS Jobs

How Common Are Remote HRIS Jobs?

It’s difficult to provide concrete numbers on the proportion of HRIS jobs that are going (or staying) remote. One reason for this is that the field subdivides in many ways; an HRIS consultant is more likely to be able to work remotely than a project manager or an administrator.

An analyst might be allowed to work remotely or expected to work alongside the other staff members in place, allowing them to more easily ask questions.

We may also end up seeing a division between different products, as these are used in different ways and may be more attractive to parts of the industry with different projects. So it might be that iTrent jobs or Resourcelink roles are more likely to allow remote working.

Lastly, of course, policies may vary between individual private companies or between NHS Trusts. If a given company or Trust requires that all staff be on site, for example, the fact you’re in a consultant role may not change anything.

Recruitment and Remote HRIS Jobs

Remote HRIS jobs may appeal strongly to some candidates, and might even be dealbreakers for some. It’s important to communicate this up front to your recruiter; you don’t want your time to be wasted pushing forward on an application you wouldn’t be happy to accept – not when your recruiter can instead be keeping an eye out for other opportunities!

Looking specifically for remote HRIS jobs may seem to limit your options, but try not to look at it that way. You wouldn’t apply for jobs that paid you below a certain minimum salary – if working remotely is as important to you, it makes just as much sense as a dealbreaker.

We work closely with our candidates as well as our clients; a placement where the candidate isn’t happy isn’t a win for anyone involved. We want to make sure the right candidate fills the right role for the right deal.

Our extensive networks of candidates and clients makes that so much easier to do – but we’re always looking to add new names to our lists; the market is always growing, and if you’re a better fit for a role than our current candidates we’d rather use you.

You can contact us to get the process started whenever you’re ready.

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