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How long should you look for candidates before bringing in the IFS ERP experts?

I’m writing this just after completing a requirement for a new client. They had three roles to fill in their IFS ERP implementation team, and when they reached out to us, they’d been searching for the right candidates for about two and a half months. It can take time after hiring for candidates to be start work. For the client, this meant nearly four months between starting the search for candidates and being in a position to start their implementation.

Contacting IT Works Recruitment, the client needed to begin the hiring process imminently. After two months of searching, their own talent search had produced no results. Reviewing the project, the client informed me that without the right employees, the implementation would be behind schedule - before it had even started! Having limited knowledge of the IFS market, they hadn’t realised just how hard it is to find candidates suitable for their requirements. ​

Our Process

Once I’d spoken with the client and established a proper understanding of their requirement, I approached the market as an IFS ERP expert resource. In addition to my personal network, I spoke to my colleagues also working in the IFS market to build a shortlist of quality candidates.

Quickly narrowing down the selection, four candidates were shortlisted for one of the roles. This process involved spending time to talk to each candidate, pre-qualifying them against the role requirements as well as understanding their own interest in the opportunity. Following this assessment, only three candidate talent packs were then put forward to the client.

Repeating the aforementioned process for the other two roles required by the client, it took less than two weeks for fill all three roles.

When to talk to an IFS ERP Expert Resource?

It’s recommended you speak to us as early in the hiring process as possible. Contacting IT Works Recruitment in the initial stages of your project planning means you not only have the best IFS talent but that your resources are in place at the right time.

If the client I’ve discussed here had contacted us immediately, their roles would have been filled in two weeks, not three months. And, of course, they wouldn’t have spent several weeks worrying that they weren’t finding the candidates they needed and wondering where they were going wrong.

With our services, and the right IFS ERP professionals in place, their expected implementation project delay was rectified – keeping everything on track!

Specialist IFS ERP Recruiters

When you ask a specialist recruiter like IT Works for help, you benefit from many things:

  • Our expertise

  • Our network

  • Our reputation

  • The long-lasting relationships we build & maintain

These things together give us a huge advantage over any other method of recruiting within the ERP sphere.

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