Recruiter's Advice: How to make yourself invaluable as an employee

In today's job market, competition for top spots is at an all time high. In this article, IFS ERP Practice Manager, Joe Anderton, gives the advice needed to make yourself stand-out as a candidate in the IFS ERP market




How to make yourself invaluable as an employee?

Bring something to the table that nobody else has.

It doesn't have to involve you start a new hobby or even something beyond the extraordinary. There's way's you can offer something unique by working smarter and not harder. 🧠

It starts by being strategic in how you upskill yourself.

Upskilling doesn't just have to be from certifications or CPD courses, in real terms, employers value the practical application of these skills more than they do the piece of paper. And, what's great about the IFS world, is that you're able to gain the skills and experience you need just by learning on the job. But it does, however, depend on which industry you choose to work in & which niche system area you want to specialise in.

Where to start?🏁
↳Go where there is a demand.

Currently, as it stands, the manufacturing sector is booming with IFS implementations.

How to use this to your advantage?

When placed in a manufacturing content, an IFS system has to have certain foundational modules; one of which is Material Resource Planning (MRP). Although, when reflecting on the candidate market, MRP is a particular niche skillset only a limited few have in their IFS arsenal. Meaning that, demand for their unique combination of skills and experience are at an all time high!


When considering your next career move or contract, it's best to keep in mind how you can develop the skills you may need to become even more valuable as an IFS expert.

Here's why:

➡️ Makes you a highly competitive candidate
➡️ Opens up earning potential
➡️ Opens up future opportunities

By upskilling in these areas, you increase the chances of making sure you're in the right place, at the right time - in a way that's mutually beneficial for both you and your future employer.


Which niche IFS skillset have you found are in demand? Or, if you're a hiring manager, which niche IFS skillsets have you struggled to resource for?


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