The Risks & Rewards of Recruitment

​Sam Cross's Career Journey

Here at IT Works, are passionate about people. With a collaborative approach to recruitment, we fundamentally believe the best ideas come from when we work together. That's why, in our people, we not only look for talented individuals but individuals who can work successfully as part of a team.

We are committed to providing our team with the training and resources they need to excel in their roles, regardless of their previous experience. The time management of a chef, the planning of a project manager, and the negotiation skills from a real estate agent all come into play when stepping into the world of recruitment.

Joining us nearly 2 years ago, Infor recruitment specialist Sam Cross has rapidly progressed up the career ladder – earning well-deserved rewards for his hard work!

How Did Sam Find His Way to IT Works?

Previously working at Coca-Cola as an accounts manager, over-looking supermarkets across North Wales and Chester, Sam was invested in increasing visibility for products owned by Coca-Cola for over three years.

Ready to start something new, Sam’s future changed by commenting on IFS Specialist Joe Anderton’s LinkedIn post (an achiever’s trip to Malta), “how do I get a job here?”.

With Sam being 50% humorous with his comment but also 50% serious, Director Stuart Quinney took the leap of setting up a quick call with Sam to see if he was ready for everything recruitment could offer. Before he knew it, Sam was making his way to IT Works for his first interview! And of course… the rest is history.

Sam’s top tips for the interview process at IT Works

  • Get to know IT Works! Understand who we are, what we do, and our ‘why’.

  • Do your research on recruitment – really understand if the industry is for you.

  • Be authentic and honest! Being yourself will take you far.

  • Don’t feel as though previous experience doesn't matter, talk about it, it’s all relevant! 

13-Week Training Programme

From day one, our new recruits undertake a 13-week training programme. Involving everything from classroom learning to salesfloor training, our training programme empowers you with the tools and support needed to be a successful specialist recruiter.

Sam said “I have never seen anything like the training programme at IT Works. It’s 13 weeks of insights, tips and salesfloor training – which is a necessity. It was great to have some of our training down on the salesfloor to give us an idea on how we’ll work down there, and it gave us an opportunity to showcase what we learnt in the classroom.”

Up The Career Ladder

For Sam, IT Works offered him the chance to rapidly climb the career ladder. During his first five months, Sam was promoted from Trainee to Associate.

“This was a great feeling. It’s a good time to reflect on what you've achieved! From leaving the training room and getting stuck in, and using everything I learnt from training led me to getting that promotion five months in.”

Of course, it didn’t stop there! With hard work and dedication, Sam was promoted from Associate to Consultant just 10 months later.

Here at IT Works, we value our team and are always pushing for our consultants to reach their goals. The career ladder has many steps, and at IT Works, we want you to keep reaching and achieving.



Get To Know Sam

What is your office ick?

When Matt Stanley makes a rubbish, watery tea :(

Who makes the best brew?

Has to be Stu!


What is your favourite thing about coming into work?

The culture, routine, definitely Lola the office dog, sitting by the window and watching my plant grow.


What are your hobbies?

Cooking, rugby, and crossfit!


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