What Does a Successful HR Systems Team Need?

As part of a wider HR department, your HR Systems personnel may not be treated as a team of their own – especially if the HR function is a relatively small one – but I’ve found my clients are often more confident about what they do and don’t need when they take some time to consider an HR Systems team operating alone.

Designing the Perfect HR Systems Team

At the core of HR Systems is the need to centralise data. Drawing all your HR information from one central point means never having to deal with that sinking feeling when the same statistic has two different values depending on where you check. It allows you to analyse your data with confidence and act accordingly.

And it makes it much easier to use automation to support your HR function – by eliminating the biggest source of errors.

A good HRIS system isn’t just a centralised database, payroll, and portal. It offers the team flexibility and power, but that flexibility and power requires experts to use correctly.

Your team will need a systems administrator. They’ll be able to automate and adapt existing manual processes as you transition, develop new processes as your organisation continues to grow and change, and build reports to suit current requirements.

An HRIS analyst might also build reports, and they have the experience and specialisation to help others put those reports in context and make recommendations.

Many HR Systems teams also include a Payroll Manager to oversee the correct execution of payroll systems every month. After all, if there’s a single system which can cause problems with your staff if it fails, it has to be payroll.

Lastly, if your team has grown to the point where it needs autonomy within the function, an HR Systems Manager to take overall responsibility becomes essential. HR is connected to too many functions within a company not to take it seriously.

Do you have the complement needed for your business? I’m available to discuss, and even to help decide if another team member is warranted for the scope of your organisation. Get in touch today.