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HRIS (Human Resources Information System) is a data management system providing technological solutions that enhance HR efficiency. There are different job roles within the HRIS market, each equally important to any business or project. One key area of HRIS is in its implementation phase. At this initial stage, it is fundamental that the right experts are hired to help you get the most out of your HRIS. HRIS implementation jobs are vital to performance

Why you need experienced HRIS experts -

So, you’ve got the gear… but no one with an idea of how to implement your chosen HRIS system? Implementation is a fundamental step in ensuring your HRIS runs successfully!

Software such as iTrent and Resourcelink is brilliant in what it does – but only if it is specific to your needs. Personalisation means that you get to choose what functions work best for you and your business. Implementing a system that doesn’t work effectively can be very costly. In reality, most end up spending more and more money trying to find solutions that are easily fixed at the start.

We understand the frustrations that employers inevitably face in trying to recruit for such specialised roles. The usual avenues normally fall short at producing the right candidate. More times than not, advertising HRIS roles on the big job boards resulting in a massive number of applicants. This leaves you having to wade through a flood of applications from people who perhaps don’t have the expertise or are even relevant for the position.

As we know your time is precious, and exhaustive searches mean a huge amount of resources are wasted. Withour expert knowledge[LB5]of the HRIS markets, we help connect you to the specialists you’re looking for.

Finding Experienced Professionals -

Finding experienced professionals for HRIS implementation can be a difficult minefield to navigate. However, with our services we focus on freeing up your time; helping rid you of unnecessary hassle.

Guiding you in the process, our consultants are here to help you find the right candidates that meet and exceed your market requirements. We have years of experience working within the HRIS market with proven records of success in candidate placement.

Interested in finding someone who can fulfil your HRIS implementation requirements?

Our experts Matt and Chantelle are on hand to help you in iTrent Resourcelink implementation.

If this sounds like something you need or would like to know more about – get in touch!

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