Finding IFS Developer Jobs

Any given IFS implementation or upgrade will be different from any other, simply because businesses adopt ERP systems at very different sizes, with very different requirements, and are already using a wide range of different software which must be integrated into their systems.

Some projects can be resolved by a single IFS consultant. Others will need a team of specialists working under a project manager. Developers might be tagged for either type, but the fewer people on the project, the wider your skillset should be – by definition, if you’re doing every job, you need to function as a generalist.

This can mean that the first few posts you take as an IFS developer will often be as part of a larger project. If you’re intending to one day helm projects on your own (or to become a project manager on larger projects) it can be worth focusing on different aspects of the developmental role in each post.

Choosing the right IFS developer jobs therefore becomes part of your planned career progression. However, to have the freedom to do this, you need to be able to find the right opportunities at the right moment, and you need to get the job ahead of the competition.

This calls for a level of industry knowledge as well as your knowledge of the techniques themselves – and that can be tricky to maintain while also getting the work done.

One solution is networking, which definitely helps you hear about jobs and even get recommended for them. It does limit you to working only with ‘friends of friends’ which can make it difficult to rise up through the industry to bigger roles.

Alternatively, you can come to us.

Our IFS team are constantly networking, and we’d love to add you into that network. We’ve built a reputation for trust and dependability from both the client and candidate perspectives, and this gives us access to roles that otherwise may never be listed. Our database of candidates is extensive, but we’re always keen to find others; between questions of timing and experience, there will always be opportunities waiting which we need qualified, friendly experts to fill.

We’ll qualify you against each role – you’ll only be put forward when there’s a real chance the client will believe you’re right for the job. We’ll build a talent pack for you, so you’re going to be shown in the best light possible. And we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Contact us today and we’ll start finding IFS developer jobs that suit you.

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