HRIS Implementations: What a Bad Implementation Could Cost You

With the recent growth in the need and want for HRIS implementations more companies are looking to simplify their HR challenges. Many companies have injected capital into their budgets to bolster their HR and payroll teams but often this is done without structure and guidance. Anyone who has been through the process of an HRIS implementation knows how costly they can be - and that’s even without any problems. A bad HRIS implementation can incur some serious expenses so it’s always best to know the things you need to look out for.

HRIS Implementation: What Can Go Wrong? 

Once an implementation is complete and a company has gone through the process, more often than not, modules and add-ons aren’t used to their full capability. This ultimately undermines the whole implementation process. This is a huge waste of a company time and resources. One of the reasons for them not using the HRIS to its full capacity may be down to poor communication from the implementation team. Inexperienced or low qualified HRIS Consultants may not know fully the ins and outs of the system integration/transformation for the type of company they are working with. This can be a costly hire as it means that employees aren’t totally clued up on how to work all aspects of the system.


A bad HRIS implementation costs you both time and money. A key aspect of an HRIS Consultant’s role is to be able to manage change. Leading a transformational change in any organisation can be difficult and going through a big transition in HR software is no different. Working on an HRIS implementation can often mean you face barriers and challenges when consulting with an organisation, whether it be experienced managers set in their ways or employees who don’t understand the reason for the change. Seeing as the cost of implementing an HRIS software is so high, it would be ineffective to not hire the right consultants to implement the system. To make your implementation successful you need to invest in right resources.


The cost of the technology is always going to be the single biggest cost in an implementation. Although, overall costs usually only amount to around a third of your budget. Usually, your remaining budget will go towards hiring the teams of people who will implement your system. Many clients often neglect the process of creating a team as they feel the job is already done after money has been spent on the technology. Although, because most of your budget will be spent on the people working on the project, you need the job to be undertaken by the best talent in the market.

Hiring for your HRIS Implementation

Ultimately, the cost of a bad HRIS implementation can be astronomical. Consequently, it can have detrimental effects to your company further down the line. To ensure your HRIS implementation is successful, you need to hire experienced people. This is where IT Works can help you. We provide specialist, professional and cost-effective services for HRIS users and our consultants can find the best candidates for your implementation teams to help assist a successful transformation.

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