Which Vendor is Offering the Best Value for Money in the HRIS Market?

Which Vendor is Offering the Best Value for Money in the HRIS Market? 

​With so many HRIS products available, it can be difficult to know which vendor is offering you the best value for money. With a HRIS system, it’s important to know which vendors are offering the solution that best suits your business needs, the support they are providing their customers with, and most of all, if they offer a fair price. Getting the most out of your HRIS system requires a product vendor that offers you great value for the money your business investment. 

So, which vendor is offering the best value in the HRIS market?

Being a specialist HRIS recruiter means that I am the first to know about the trends that start to emerge within the market, which vendors the market favour, as well as the latest products and product updates. One particular favourite within the HRIS market is vendor, MHr. Here’s what to know about MHR and their product iTrent…

Vendor MHR & their iTrent HRIS Solution 

MHR is the sole vendor for solution iTrent. MHR have a range of solutions to suit a range of Human Resource management needs. 

Some iTrent modules include:

  • Core HR

  • Payroll

  • Performance management

  • Case management


  • Recruitment

  • Learning & Development

What do they do? 

Usually, after purchasing iTrent, vendors MHR will assign you an Account Manager and a Project Manager. These assigned vendor personnel are the starting point for your HRIS. To implement, scale, and optimise your iTrent system effectively your business will need additional resources.So, who else do you need? 

Additional resources

For iTrent to work for your business, you will need a team of HRIS experts. Perhaps you already have a system team but are lacking staff with an iTrent specialism? As well as your vendor assigned personnel, you will need to hire additional iTrent experts into your team to strengthen your HRIS successes.

Resources provided by MHR aren’t necessarily going to cover all HRIS areas. For example, dependant on the module you are implementing you might want to have a specialist in that area. Or another example would be if you are implementing HR, you will want someone HR specific, the same with payroll and the other modules too. That’s where we can come in.

Providing you with the best available talent in the market, we specialise in HRIS recruitment. You can source a full implementation team from testers, reporting specialists, implementation specialise etc through us, we have done this numerous times before and received positive feedback each time. Needing an iTrent resource? Reach out to either myself or my colleague Matt Stanley via: hris@itworksrec.co.uk