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Your Connecting Journey

Offering you guidance, support, and advice, we continue to support our candidates - every step of the way.

Established connecting experts for nearly 20 years, we’re trusted by over 25,000+ ERP & HRIS professionals.

And the great part about connecting with our experts, you have options to choose from. From manufacturing to retail, we offer you the opportunity to work with modern, forward-thinking companies actively investing not only in their technology but people.

Working with the finest talent in ERP & HRIS, our candidates are fundamental to our IT Works Recruitment mission... connecting the right talent, to the right opportunity, at the right time.

Your Connecting Journey
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How To Get Connected

The discovery call is a short introduction to you!

It's a conversation with your dedicated specialist recruiter finding out...

  • Who you are
  • Your expectations
  • Your unique skill set and experience
  • Your contract and permanent career ambitions
  • What you're looking for in your next project or from an employer
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We're People Focused
We're People Focused
We Know Our Stuff
We Know Our Stuff
We're A Great Bunch
We're A Great Bunch
We Get Results
We Get Results

Why Connect?

And there’s no pressure from us! Even if you aren’t currently looking for a new opportunity, we still encourage you to connect.

That’s because our services go way beyond finding an opportunity right for you (although we do that too).

For us, it’s about people.

Connecting through conversation is how our friendly recruitment experts build relationships with professionals just like you.

This is so that, when the time is right, you’re in the best possible position to secure your next new role.

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Consistently delivering results and successful outcomes for our candidates, we have almost 20 years of partnered success behind us.

In real terms, this is thousands of successful hours in understanding what’s important to our candidates moving forward as you make your investment into your next career move.

The people to know?... Our connecting experts!

Approachable, professional, and highly knowledgeable, you know when connecting with our skilled team you’re in some very capable hands!

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